Wetland Construction We are specialized in Wetland Construction with successfully completed projects
Cultural Day Celebrations Sindhica deep rooted in community prides to organize cultural day walk & programs
Our Education Right We also want to become a good citizen through better education and skills!
Mother & Child Care Grow your children with balanced nutrition for better health.
Let’s Save our World A Greener world for a better future.Save the forest, save your life.
Hand Wash Champions Message Washing hands prevents disease and puts everyone else at ease.


“Sindhica Reforms Society” registered under Societies Act XXI of 1860 is working as a not for profit humanitarian organization 1993. SRS’ not limited to but mainly focuses on Environment, Water, Sanitation and health sectors with many successfully completed projects with local as well as international donors including WWF Pakistan, UN Habitat Pakistan, Pakistan Navy, Engro Polymer and Chemicals, Engro Foundation, Mitchles Fruit Farms, IRC, Imran Khan Foundation, and Acted International.


Sindhica Reforms Society has successfully completed many wash projects by communities in normal situation as well as disaster affected communities by providing them clean water, safe sanitation services and creating awareness on benefits of hand washing with soap.

Through different projects SRS has helped marginalized communities through sustainable water supplies and sanitation services. SRS has also effectively coordinated and influenced policymakers to serve the interests of vulnerable people with a special emphasis on:

  • Consultative Process
  • Inclusion of neglected community segments
  • Gender balanced approach
  • Effective health & hygiene promotion


Sindhica Reforms Society strives hard to achieve millennium development goals on education and works towards social and economic justice through mobilization and development of a self-motivated community who take care for education of future generations at grassroots level.

SRS education projects focuses on different sectors including flood emergency mobile schools, adult literacy, in school health and hygiene awareness sessions. Our education projects focuses to create:

  • Awareness to respect human dignity
  • Peace by living in solidarity with others in the community
  • Environment so that community gives value all forms of work and creativity
  • Awareness about social and economic inequalities


Sindhica Reforms Society adheres to Pakistan’s vision of a society where women and children enjoy the highest attainable levels of health and no family suffers the loss of a mother or child due to preventable or treatable causes.

SRS implements its project through:

  • Community-based activities through LHWs and TBAs.
  • Primary health care facilities, such as mother-child health centers, basic health units, and rural health centers.
  • First-referral facilities, such as tehsil headquarter and district headquarter hospitals.


Many precious wetland areas are being lost and hence we work to create attention of relevant authorities on the loss and degradation of wetlands and propose projects for their revival. Sindhica Reforms Society is a well-known and respected organization that saves wetlands, which are essential for life itself because wetlands are the primary source of drinking water for people and wildlife. Wetlands also connect us with naturethrough beautiful landscapes.

SRS strives hard to rescue endangered species from the edge of extinction. We investigate what’s damaging the wetlands and we struggle to protect, repair and actually create new wetlands.

We work with communities, businesses, government departments and international donors to help people live sustainably alongside wetlands, food, materials, livelihoods and enjoyment.

  • No More Open Defecation

    Thank's to UNICEF and SAFWCO for supporting Sindhica to initiatives for Community Let Total Sanitation against Open Defecation.

  • Reproductive Health is Basic Right of Every Women

    Joining hands with Pathfinder International, Sindh Govt Health Department, LHWs Programme, promoting Mother and child neonatal health.

  • Promotion Greening and plantation

    Sindhica is promoting greening activities, youth parks, and nurseries through communities support for the nature conservation.

  • Disaster Risk Management

    Sindhica responding humanitarian appeal and working in disaster porn areas of Sindh, focusing on WASH and health to reduce the vulnerabilities.

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